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Animal protein leads to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, anemia, cataracts, diarrhea, poor digestion, IBS, hemorrhoids, lethargy, depression, erectile dysfunction and more cancers than any chemical carcinogen known to man. Eating it now and again fair enough, but three times a day?

The companies doing the killing also make available the medications, vitamin pills, diet pills, diet advice, health care plans and insurance products too.

Funny that.

Major hit documentaries (suitable for all ages):

Food Matters Trailer

Food Matters (Full)

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (Full)

Reverse Cancer

Lift Depression

Forks Over Knives Trailer 1

Forks Over Knives Trailer 2

Food Inc (Full)

So put the kettle on and have a watch (have a look at the Trailers if nothing else) and no, I'm not getting any money for this.


Milk RUINS your bones.

It's also full of pus, growth hormones, painkillers and antibiotics too. There's just no easy way of saying it. Put "is milk good for you" into Youtube.

PS Don't worry, the best chocolate has no dairy, the best sponge cakes have no dairy and even the best ice cream money can buy has no dairy. How? Soak cashew nuts overnight and finely blend, add one or maybe two more ingredients for flavour, freeze, and that's it, less fat less crap and amazing taste (but it is quite expensive I must say).